Exile Gift - Amitomo New - The Dreamers Factory Event - cAFe Gift - The Creatures New - Reign New - Manga Fair Event - Imeka.

Hair/Pelo Exile After The Rain Sparkle naturals pack *Hair Fair Gift!
Skin/Piel Amitomo Dreamy Pack The Dreamers Factory Event!
Sweater/Buso cAFe Ripe Berry Gift!
Short/PantalonCorto The Creatures Telou New! by Mistic Aura ♥ Ty
Shoes Reign Wednesdays Cayenne Pink for Slink Bare Feet *Manga Fair Event!
Pose Imeka Miwa 5
* Exile in RedHead Sim
* Manga Fair 1th July at 12am slt 30th July at 12am slt