jueves, 30 de enero de 2020

Ambrosia | Boheme

Head Accessory Lode Lilu Wreath pink Gacha!
Hair Wasabi Jagoda for Uber Event!
Head Genus Baby
Skin Boheme Ambrosia
Eyes Madame Noir Armand for MOM Event!
Liner Revoul Diamond Minkiana Collection
Body, top and panties Signature Alice
Pose Fashiowl Wintertide - 4
Backdrop VOZ Ocean Ball Pool (C)

FeiFei | Boheme

Hair Moon Distance MM Gift!
Head Genus Baby
Skin Boheme FeiFei BOM System for Dubai Event!
Eyes Madame Noir Armand for MOM Event!
Liner Revoul Diamond Minkiana Collection
Body, top and panties Signature Alice
Pose Fashiowl Wintertide - 9
Backdrop VOZ Ocean Ball Pool (B)

sábado, 18 de enero de 2020


Hair Argrace Suzuna II
Head Genus Baby
Skin Amara Beauty Amanda
Eyes Amara Beauty Bliss
Body Maitreya Lara
Outfit Horntail Haru 

Weight Lifting Station InsurreKtion Training Room Gacha!
(25 animations!)
MI Pomme Madras Gacha!

sábado, 4 de enero de 2020

Nila | Logo

Hair Wasabi Deva

Head Logo Nila for Uber Event!
Promo price of 1999 during Uber including the HUDs, a 1500L discount!

Eyeshadow Logo Drama
Body Maitreya Lara
Body applier Logo
Top, bottoms and skirt Apple May Designs Hannah
Glass Diversion 2019 Gift!
Dog Rezz Room Siberian Husky B/W Adult Animesh (companion) for Uber Event!

jueves, 2 de enero de 2020

Zuzu, Ulysses and Skylar | Boheme

Hair Tram I1209a for Uber Event!
Head Genus Baby
Hair Base Revoul BabyGirl
Skin Boheme Zuzu BOM System
Mesh Body Signature Alice
Top and Panty Scandalize Candy Group Gift!

Hair Tram I1209b for Uber Event!
Head Genus Baby
Hair Base Revoul BabyGirl
Skin Boheme Ulysses BOM System
Mesh Body Signature Alice
Top and Panty Scandalize Candy Group Gift!
Hair Tram I0618 (HF2019 Old Gift)
Head Genus Baby
Skin Boheme Skylar BOM System
Mesh Body Signature Alice
Top and Panty Scandalize Candy Group Gift!
(Boheme NC)
You must have the Latest version of Firestorm Downloaded in order for Bakes on Mesh to work.

You can get the Lastest Firestorm viewer from here:

You need the Omega rely in order to get bakes on mesh to work on Mesh parts that have not updated to Bakes on mesh yet so you do not have to wait. Your Mesh Part has to have Omega support in order for this to work.

Link to Omega Relay is here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bake-on-Mesh-skin-applier-Omega/14391590

"Bakes on Mesh is a new feature to allow system avatar baked textures to be shown on mesh attachments. Currently you will need a special project viewer to use it. Bakes on Mesh does not depend on simulator code, so it should work in all regions and all grids."

This applier will put the baked mesh texture from your default avatar skin/clothing onto any Omega-compatible mesh which uses the head/upper body/lower body textures. This does not require any updates from your mesh maker - it goes on your body like any normal skin applier. The baked skin will appear as just plain gray to anyone who is not using a beta viewer, so until this goes live on all viewers, do not expect anyone else to see you properly!


BakeOnMesh will transfer alpha maps for your clothing to the mesh body that's inheriting it. It will also automatically hide any part of your default avatar body that has a corresponding mesh body to replace it. This means that if you are wearing a mesh body and head, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WEAR ANY BODY ALPHA for your body or head! If you wear an alpha map intended to conceal your default body, it will instead hide your mesh body (or just turn it pure red)!

The good part of this, is that future clothing intended for mesh bodies can precisely conceal parts of the body using an alpha map instead of relying on alpha cuts using your mesh HUD.

The bottom line:
BakeOnMesh is a work in progress for Linden Labs. This product is intended to allow everyone to get a sneak peek at how it will go using their existing mesh bodies, and it will continue to work for you once the feature is included on all viewers! Some mesh bodies will take time to get updated with BakeOnMesh features, so with this product in your inventory you'll be ahead of the game when things are live.