sábado, 29 de junio de 2019

Red foxes

Red foxes Rezz Room for MadPea Pet Friends Fair Gacha!
Crochet Cactus InsurreKtion Gacha!
Stump Set InsurreKtion Gacha!


Hair Little Bones Relay The Vivid Pack Lucky Letter Free!
Head Laq Poppy Bento
Skin Laq Hailey
Body appliers Laq Next Level
Eyes Madame Noir Mermaid
Lipstick GA.EG Kylie
Outfit Horntail Inori for The Crystal Heart The Crystal Heart Event!
Body Maitreya Lara
Tattoo Mister Razzor Rayssa
Pose The Crystal Heart Old Gift from Sallie Langage

viernes, 28 de junio de 2019


Hair Wasabi Queenie
Head Laq Noelle
Skin Laq Monroe
Body appliers Laq Next Level
Eyes Logo Crystal Blue 3 for eBento Exclusive!

miércoles, 26 de junio de 2019

Juniper Josi

Hair Wasabi Juniper Uber Event!
Head Genus Baby
Skin Revoul Josi for Kustom9 Event!
Eyes Mila Zehra Gift!
Body Maitreya Lara
Top and pants LSR  Nancy Yellow SL16B Aurelian Gift!
Tattoo Mister Razzor Naomi
Pose Mila 2 Gift!

martes, 25 de junio de 2019


Hair Wasabi Arantxa for Summerfest Event!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Boheme Larissa
Eyes Mila Zehra Gift!
Earrings Old Treasures  Moonligth SL16B Aurelian Gift!
Necklace Mon Cheri Shelly SL16B Halcyon Gift!
Spring Dress Pixicat Flower Beige
Body Maitreya Lara
Food Fetish Pajamas Paripi Mog*Mog w/hud textures for Party People Fair Hunt Free!
Bracelet Promagic Subscriber's Gift!
Lemonade bottle ChicChica Gift!
Pose MS Designs Breathing 2

Aquascapes Set Crate Animated fish for Madpea Pet Friends Fair Event!
Dylan Daze Set Crate

Melodic Life

 Hair Iconic Stephane SL16B Tinseled Gift!
Head Genus Baby
Skin Revoul Evelyn for Vintage Fair Event!
Lashes Revoul Stunty Cuntyfor Anthem Event!
Eyes Mila Zehra Free Group Gift!
Headband Lyrical B!zarre Cutie Gold Party People Fair Hunt Free!
Earrings Amikko Party People Fair Hunt Free!
Necklace Midna Pride Pride Festival Gift!
Tattoo Mister Razzor Yasu for Black Fair Event!
Top Toksik Selva SL16B Aurelian Gift!
Skirt Caboodle Camille Teal SL16B Halcyon Gift!
Pose Bauhaus Movement Rieko SL16B Tinseled Gift!

Melodic Life Set Crate for Lootbox Gacha!

lunes, 24 de junio de 2019

sábado, 22 de junio de 2019

I want more colours

Hair Lamb Angel SL16B Tinseled Gift!
 Rainbow Pride Sunglasses Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos Gift!
Lipstick L.W Makeup for Access Gift!
Chocker Miwas Rainbow SL16B Halcyon Gift!
Tattoo This is Wrong Warpain
Top (and short) Blueberry in 3 Colors SL16B Gilded Gift!
Dino bag Clover Purple
Notepad Pencil Foxy (for Open notepad incluided) SL16B Tinseled Gift!
Nails Alme Rainbow Rose SL16B Gilded Gift!
Basal socks Fakeicon rainbow special SL16B Gilded Gift!
Fluffer Rosary Pride Access Gift!
Halo Horns Foxcity Holographic and pose Hot Nights (Bento) SL16B Tinseled Gift!


Hair Sintiklia Gift!
Hairbase Revoul Twigs
Head Catwa Catya
Skin Revoul Nevaeh for Level Event!
Eyes Lovely Sweet Abyss at Marketplace
Body Maitreya Lara

Bikini Addams Danika Crochet
 (Compre este traje con la tarjeta de regalo gratis en la tienda)
(I bought this suit with the free gift card in the store)

Pose Fashiowl Life On Mars 1 Gift!

Not For Girls set InsurreKtion
Bath Stool
Cosmetic Pack
Paper Bucket
Relax Set
Shaving Set
Soap Collection

Ibiza Full Set InsurreKtion
Garden Shower Adult/PG
Towel Rack
Towel Shelf

Fruit Slice Carpet InsurreKtion Coconut Gacha!

viernes, 21 de junio de 2019


Hair w/hat Moon Summer Breeze The Saturday Sale!
Head Catwa Catya
Skin Raon Hausen Zoe for Seven Event!
Eyes Revoul Lefort Lechery (Mesh/Catwa/Lelutka) SL16B Gilded Gift!
Eyeliner Just Magnetized Omega Access Gift!
Lashes Blaxium Kylie Catwa Access Gift!
Necklace Earth Stones Ferris SL16B Halcyon Gift!
Top Addams Magaly (fatpack) SL16B Halcyon Gift!

miércoles, 19 de junio de 2019

Zen Garden

Zen Garden Madras Decor Pack for Flourish Event!

Con la mirada en alto

Pride Bandanas Modulus Free Gift!
Hair Little Bones Theory Lucky Letter Free!
Head Akeruka Cleo Bento Group Gift! (150L join)
Earrings Axix Pixel Bunneh Set Welcome Gift!
Glasses Dazed Universe Free Gift!
Pride Tattoo Mister Razzor Omega/Catwa Applier Gift!
Tattoo body Mister Razzor Rayssa
Body Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Cropped Tee Pretty Deceased White Gift!
Pride Shorty Vive Nine for Access Gift!

Pride Pin inZoxi Marketplace Gift!
Rainbow Pride Rubber Bracelet Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos Gift!
 Pride bangles Marketplace Gift!
Pride bento Nails Beautiful Hustler Gift!
Pride Flag Boystown 1L Gift!
Pride Drink Figure 8 for Pride Festival Gift! (Web)
Rainbow floaty hearts Wchi Marketplace Gift!

Bucket Red Flower Madras Decor for Man Cave Gift!
Lavende Jar and Petals Camdem A Moment in Time for Cosmopolitan Anniversary Gift!

Succulent table
Candle Lavende
Flower Vase Orange
Succulent Plant Silver
Succulent Plant Copper
Orange Chair (7 Anim)
Yellow Chair (7 Anim)
Cabin Verenda Addon
 by Ariskea Gifts free group limited time!

martes, 18 de junio de 2019

The key is in minimalism

Hair Wasabi Shanti for The Arcade Gacha!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Lefort by Revoul Heaven Genus Applier Deluxe for Level Event!
(Body Applier 5.0 / Skinny)
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1
Outfit Safira Liz for Access Event!

Strawberry Tea Cart Crate for Belle Event!
Driftwood Ibiza Set InsurreKtion for The Liaison Collaborative Gacha!
Woven pendant Chez Moi Macrame for Cosmopolitan 7 Anniversary Gift!
Corgi Sleepy Boi Jian  4 years Group Gift!

lunes, 17 de junio de 2019

Una parada importante

Hair Little Bones Alias The Mermaid Gift!
Head Logo Mae Head v1.0.1 Bundle Bento
Face Animation Override Logo Happy
Expressive Elf Ears Logo Bento
Sneakers Lapointe & Bastchild Swear Candy Platform

Boxer Dog Puppy Rezz Room for Equal 10 Gacha!
Gelatto Cart Set InsurreKtion for The Arcade Gacha!

 Pose Insomnia Angel boring Old Gift!
Ice Cream Cone Death Row D.  Group Gift!
Winter Ice Cream Pewpew Pumpkin (Bento Wear Me) Old Gift!

Braided Browns GA.EG O-BR10 available as GA.EG Addons & Omega Appliers
Miss Lipstick GA.EG available as GA.EG Addons & Omega Appliers for Sale!
Eyelashes Logo for Mae Mesh Add-On Free Group Gift!
Eyes Logo  Crystal for eBento Event!

Asia, Shilora and Ariana

Hairs Pr!tty Klaire, Bekka and Doki (w/headband)
 Tattoo Mister Razzor Betina

Skin Revoul Asia Genus Applier
(Body Applier 5.0  - Skinny)
Cropped Top Lapoint & Bastchild Swear Mia
Denim Shorts Lapoint & Bastchild Swear High Waist
Pose Micamee Lemonade Potion Gift!

Lefort by Revoul Shilora Genus Applier
 (Body Applier 5.0  - Skinny)
Bralet Lapoint & Bastchild Swear Daisy Denim
Shorts Lapoint & Bastchild Swear Dita Denim
Pose SEmotion SEmodeling-155

Lefort by Revoul Ariana Catwa Genus Omega Applier
(Revoul Body Applier / Normal 4.1)
Sweater Lapoint & Bastchild Swear Ashley
Pants Lapoint & Bastchild Swear Kayla
Pose Micamee Bag + Hong Gift!

Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara V4.1

sábado, 15 de junio de 2019

Dany Taylor

Hair Wasabi Dany for Final Winter Event!
Skin applier Raon Hausen Taylor (Genus) for Cosmopolitan Event!

Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Bangs Sintiklia for Access Anniversary Gift!
Eyes Madame Noir Bicolor
Glasses Suicidal Unborn Midnight Doll Amber for Access Anniversary Gift!
Earrings Chain flat Square for Access Anniversary Gift!
Blouse [I<3F] & co. Diane for Access Anniversary Gift!

lunes, 10 de junio de 2019

Su Yaya

Hair Wasabi Susan for  Event!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Boheme Yaya Genus Project Applier
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara V4.1
Top Fashionnatic Sonia for Cosmopolitan 7th Anniversary Gift!
Pose DePerla 1 for Cosmopolitan 7th Anniversary Gift!

miércoles, 5 de junio de 2019


Hair Little Bones Geo New Vip Group Gift!
Head  Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Raon Hausen Gisele 2ndV (Genus) for Cosmopolitan Event!
Eyes Madame Noir Bicolor
Body Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Blush Mini Top Pixicat Light Flower
Vintage Skirt Pixicat Flower nr2
Boots Lapointe & Bastchild Swear Rebecca Leath

Elephant Corner Table Madras for Cosmopolitan Event!
Ganapathy Decor Madras for The Arcade Gacha!
Council Set InsurreKtion for The Fantasy Collective Exclusive!
Desert Plants InsurreKtion Gacha!

martes, 4 de junio de 2019

Lily Miwa

♥ Hair Wasabi Miwa ♥
Head GA.EG Lily 2.0 Bento Mesh
GA.EG Mesh Heads Addon - LP15 Lily Nude Lips Lipsticks
 Lily Bento Lollipop GA.EG with animations!
(this gesture are for Lollipop ♥
The lollipop comes for the mouth and the hand, after licking it he holds it with his hand, it's great!
come with a hud colours)
Headband Cream Chu Ing Dalcomi look The Arcade Gacha!
Top Cream Chu Ing Dalcomi look The Arcade Gacha!
Pants Cream Chu Ing Dalcomi look The Arcade Gacha!
Photo Booth Foxcity Cherry Blossom (With Trees & Sun)