martes, 30 de abril de 2019

Every day is a new opportunity

Hair Wasabi Prudence for The Fantasy Fair The lunar pack donate 100% to Relay For Life!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Vco Timo Applier 008 Gacha!
Sakura Necklace Moon Amore Gold Gift!
Top and short Scandalize Aurora for FaMESHed Event!
Tattoo Mister Razzor Flora for Flourish Exclusive!

Baby Bears Rezz Room for The Gacha Garden Gacha!
Masu Sake Set InsurreKtion Gacha!

01. [IK] Masu Sake - 01. Shoji Screen - COMMON - 2 L.I.
02. [IK] Masu Sake - 02. Andon A - COMMON - 1 L.I.
03. [IK] Masu Sake - 03. Andon B - COMMON - 1 L.I.
04. [IK] Masu Sake - 04. Tatami - COMMON - 1 L.I.
05. [IK] Masu Sake - 05. Chabudai - COMMON - 1 L.I.
06. [IK] Masu Sake - 06. Barrel & Masu - RARE - 1 L.I.
07. [IK] Masu Sake - 07. Bottle & Masu - RARE - 1 L.I.
08. [IK] Masu Sake - 08. Tobakobon - RARE - 1 L.I.
09. [IK] Masu Sake - 09. Zaisu PG x 6 - ULTRARARE - 3 L.I.

lunes, 29 de abril de 2019

Simple is great

Hair Wasabi Nova for Uber Event!
Head Logo Mae for Uber Sale!
Eyeshadows Logo Glimmer
Eyes YS&YS Old Gift!
Tattoo Mister Razzor Dante for Black Fair Exclusive!
Blouse Lapointe & BastChild Swear Olivia v2 for Uber Sale!

White Boudoir by InsurreKtion

Magical powders

Slumberland Bed Crate for Fameshed Event!
Upcycled Wall Shelf & Pouf Crate for Belle Event!
Dick Trophy and Decor Madras for Fameshed Event!
Dhamu Decor Madras for Cosmopolitan Event!
Oasis Chandelier Silver by Figure 8

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sábado, 20 de abril de 2019

jueves, 18 de abril de 2019

Power Girl

Hair Wasabi Stacy for The Epiphany Gacha!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Face Tattoo Andore # 1 Genus & Catwa
Eyes Madame Noir Bicolor
Eyelashes Blaxium Jacy for Genus at The Chapter Four Event!
Skin Applier Vco (for Genus) Timo 008 Gacha!
Mesh Ears Andore Butterfly
Outfit Horntail Riri for The Epiphany Gacha!
Pose SEmotion SEmodeling-166

lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

Boho life is perfect

Hairband !gO! Lula Old gift for any event
Hair Entwined Esme Vip Group Gift!
Bento Head LeLutka Piper
Skin Raon Hausen Hillary for Limit8 Event! (100 copies only!!)
Eyes Madae Noir Bicolor
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara V4.1 Bento!
Frida Tattoo Mister Razzor Free Gift!
Swear Rachel Boho Dress by Lapointe Bastchild and Swear Boho Bangles Bonus Gift!
Boho Ring Zenith (Flower) - Golden Gift!
Ring Meva Daisy and Fly Bento Maitreya Gold Old Gift for any event
Pose Insomnia Angel kouhai Old gift for any event

The Patio set Crate for The Epiphany Gacha! Opens tonight
Orange Petunia and Purple Pisacan Madras for Equal10 Event!
Bengal Cat Sit and Animesh Companion Rezz Room Rare Gacha!

domingo, 14 de abril de 2019


Hair Wasabi Jen
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Raon Hausen Vicky (Genus) Ivory for Equal10 Event!
Eyes Madame Noir Bicolor
Lorna Leather Collar A&Y Dark Red - 04 Gacha!
Aeon Cyber Corset A&Y (Maitreya) - multicolor for Access Event!
Tattoo Mister Razzor Kato for Neo Japan Event!

sábado, 13 de abril de 2019

Draw the life on my skin

Hair Wasabi Britt w/ Beret Gacha!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Raon Hausen Vicky (Genus) Ivory for Equal10 Event!
Eyes Madame Noir Leopard
Necklace Andore Cute Own for Vanity Event!
Dress Loki City Of Angels Angelic (Maitreya) 01 Rare for The Chapter Four Gacha!
Tattoo Mister Razzor Yoko

Photo Studio Raon Hausen with colours hud see on Marketplace!
Easter Egg and Flower Set Madras for Equal10 Event!
Bicycle Dust Bunny Emma Flower

Some people feel butterflies with a kiss ... I feel them every time I take pictures.

viernes, 12 de abril de 2019

A ke no... xD

Hair Wasabi Paige
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Lashes Blaxium Jacy Genus for The Chapter Four Event!
Paradise Eyes by Madame Noir
Skin Vco Timo Skin Applier 008 Gacha!
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1 Bento
Outfit Horntail Akeno
Pose X.T.C. Sitting Pretty 6

Bunny Fluffz MishMish Latte Gacha!
Corner Punk Ninety places 05 Light Pink


jueves, 11 de abril de 2019

Frosty Princess

Frosty Decor by Madras Gacha!
Snow Telephone Booth Decor by Madras

Hair Bonbon Aussie Gift!
Baby Mesh Head # 1 - Moonlight and baby mesh body by ToddleeDoo
Dress Buglets Snowfall Old Advent (Day 24) Gift
Pose Artificial Hallucination Princess 1 for The Chapter Four Event!

miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019

Fashion is evil

Hair Besom Gypsy Love MM Free!
Head Catwa Catya Bento!
Skin 7 Deadly s[K]ins Sookie for Omega at The Chapter Four Event!
Mink Lashes Throned Robin for The Chapter Four Event!
Eyes Madame Noir Angel for Catwa, Lelutka and mesh appliers
Lips Raon Hausen Berry for Catwa
Necklace Shanghai Diana for The Chapter Four Event!
Jacket N-Uno Anita Rare for The Chapter Four Gacha!

lunes, 8 de abril de 2019

Fame and Fortune

Hair Truth Astra Valentines Fatpack Free Gift!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Eyes Madame Noir Bicolor for Genus, Catwa, Lelutka and Mesh Huds for Anybody Event!
Lashes Blaxium Jacy (Genus) for The Chapter Four Event!
Skin Vco Timo Applier for Genus 008 Gacha!
Top B Bos Drany fo The Chapter Four Event!
Jeans Lapointe Bastchild Skinny Swear Cassie v1.2
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara V4.1 Bento
Tattoo Mister Razzor Hana (Omega) for Neo Japan Event!
Choker Andore Velva Rose and Dragon 14 Rare GachaLand Gacha!
Mesh Ears Andore Dragon Rose and Dragon 13 Rare GachaLand Gacha!
Beer Pack (wear) Never Totally Dead Oyster is Your World for The Chapter Four Gacha!
Pose Artificial Hallucination Princess 8 for The Chapter Four Event!

Upcycled Wall Shelf Crate Dark for Belle Event!
Fame and Fortune & Mini Cooler Madras Going to be release at Builder's Box final round (Web)
Oyster is your World Never Totally Dead decorative sign (Bar) for The Chapter Four Gacha!
Flower Basket, Candlesticks and Wingback B/W Old Barn Door for The Chapter Four Event!
Pillows Magnum Opus Comforts of Home Tassel for The Chapter Four Event!
Good Pet Treat Jar Short Leash White Gold for The Chapter Four Event!
American Bully Puppy Rezz Room Animesh Companion Rare Gacha!
Bengal Cat Familly Rezz Room Gacha!

domingo, 7 de abril de 2019

Bigua, siempre lista!

Hair Stealthic Desire
Head Somemore SaeBom Mesh 10 Gacha Retired!
Eyes Madame Noir Porn # 7 mesh
Body eBody Abar Curvy
Top eBody Julia
Pant eBody Liz for Curves Event!
Pose Kokolores Twelve Days of Christmas Old Gift!

sábado, 6 de abril de 2019

Don't sleep, dream with me

Crown Pulse Lenity Flowers Old Gift!
Hair Stealthic Avela
Earring Stay Chic Friday for The Chapter Four Event!
Expressive Elf Ears Logo Bento (Female)
Head Logo Quinn v3.0
Smokey Eyeshadows Logo Pack 1 for Versus Event!
Creamy Lipsticks Logo Matte Group Gift Jan
Lip Rings Logo Quinn Piercings
Nose Piercings Logo Quinn Piercings
Necklace Bliensen + MaiTai Lunar Cycle - Silver 2 for The Chapter Four Event!

Pandas in the Spring Garden

Baby Pandas by Rezz Room for Belle Event!
Spring Garden Set Madras Decor Gacha!
Tree Orange Blossom (Animated) Seasons and Grass V4 (Animated) Mesh by Little Branch

viernes, 5 de abril de 2019

For the animals tested

Pose Bent Umbrella # Three for The chapter Four Event!
Hair Ayashi Ahri
Head Utilizator M3+ - (v.1.12.22b)
Skin Enfer Sombre M3/Kemono body Skin Light 2 - Nadia Group Gift!
Body and Tail Utilizator Kemono
Outfit Fuayu Little Lord black for The chapter Four Event!

Characters Hideki for The chapter Four Gacha!
La Ofrenda by Crate

jueves, 4 de abril de 2019

Rebel Marina

Hair Analog Dog jana bang and scream cheese Free Gift!
Eyes Madame Noir Philips (Genus, Catwa, Lelutka) for The Men Jail Event! 8th April to 28th.
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Raon ausen (Marketplace Demo) Marina (Genus)
Tattoo Mister Razzor Aika (Omega) for Neo Japan Exclusive! 30 Mar - 21 apr.
Top Scandalize Elva (Maitreya) Fee Group Gift!
Short Sorumin Pajama Pink (Maitreya) Old Gift!
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1 Bento!
Pose X.T.C. Rockabilly Rebel 3

martes, 2 de abril de 2019


Hair Mina Emma Lucky Chair Free
Head Logo Ivona Bento
Enhanced Glosses Logo Pack 1
Mesh Ears Andore Spring

lunes, 1 de abril de 2019


Skin Raon Hausen (Marketplace store) Stella for Equal 10 Gacha!
Lipstick Raon Hausen (Marketplace store) Need Space for Catwa

Hair Sintiklia Rhea Lucky Letter Free!
Head Catwa Catya Bento!
Eyelashes Catwa Dec. 2018 Old Gift!