domingo, 22 de mayo de 2022

Pamela ♥

Hair Wings ER0115 w/flower

Head Lelutka Avalon

Skin Lowen Pamela

Eyes Ikon for TMD Event!

Earrings E-Clipse Orioda for Cosmopolitan Gift!

Purse Tantrum Taffy for Tres Chic Gift!

Bouquet 8f8 Whites for Cosmopolitan Gift!

Nails Rosary Solidity

Balloons Paparazzi Glitter Party for Cosmopolitan Gift!

Bommie ♥

Hair Wings ER0415 for Level Event!

Brows Minuit Khloe

Liner Jack Spoon Scorpio GG!

Eyeshadow TheSkinnery GG! (Group is free to join until 15th June)

Blush Evermore Frostkiss GG!

Glossy Lips LePunk Ria for eBento Gift!

Skin Ives Beauty Bommie

Earrings LaGyo Gabrielle Plaid BW

Necklace Savin Key for Tres Chic Gift!

Dress Yumi Bryn for Ota.Con Event!

Tattoo Blaink Bad Seed

Rings right hand Kunglers Sigel for Cosmopolitan Event!

Rings left hand Kunglers Susan

Pillow Mush Nyan for Ota.Con Event!

Mug Cat Noodle No Partner? No Worries: I Have Chocolate for Cosmopolitan Gift!

martes, 17 de mayo de 2022

If you want me ♥

Headpiece Tentacio Glam party

Hair Wasabi Kaja for Fantasy Faire Event!

(The Offbeat packs of Kaja and Shiloh (Male) donate 100% of their proceeds to Relay For life)

Head Lelutka Halle

Skin Avoix Noe for Ota.Con Event!

Tattoo Ladybird Haru for Ota.Con Event!

Bodysuit Maru Rebel for Ota.Con Event!

Drink & box Tentacio If you want me for Kustom9 Event!

Du Lait Building Wareta for Ota.Con Event!

Fairy Grass Greens Random Weirdness Simple

Tube Cacti Lagom Free Group Gift!

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2022

viernes, 13 de mayo de 2022

miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2022

Lychee ♥

Hair Wasabi Lychee for The Epiphany Event!

 Silence tag Tentacio for N21 Event!

Rose and bouquet Tentacio Remy for Kinky Event!

Harness with flowers Tentacio Kylie for Fameshed Event!

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2022

Dorothy ♥

Headdress Chocolate Atelier Tullia for Ota.Con Event!

Hair Ayashi Kikumi for Ota.Con Event!

Skin Utopia Dorothy for Ota.Con Event!

Outfit MikiNe Leila for Ota.Con Event!

Gloves RZ Killer for Ota.Con Event!

Gun Sour Pop for Ota.Con Event!

Lanterns Tardfish Common for Ota.Con Event!


Hair Ginko 65 for Ota.Con Event!

Skin Avoix Noefor Ota.Con Event!

Head Lelutka Avalon

Lingerie Valentine Rizu for Ota.Con Event!

Tattoo Ladybird Harufor Ota.Con Event!

Pose Versuta Yumefor Ota.Con Event!


Backpack Ambix Eclipse for Ota.Con Event!

Moon Cig Pack & Ash Tray Moonphase for Ota.Con Event!

Sign Ambix Senshifor Ota.Con Event!

Uchu fan Core&Gore for Ota.Con Event!

Cube Ambix Kitten Persian for Ota.Con Event!

3D Printer, craft shelve, weapons and mannequin Random Matter Cosplay Studio for Ota.Con Event!

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2022

Pomme ♥

Hair Wasabi Pomme for Uber Event!

Skin Dernier Victoria (Gratis con el credito que regala la tienda por tiempo limitado!)

Head Lelutka Avalon

Necklace Supernatural Geodalia for Cosmopolitan Free Gift!

Camera & bag Tentacio Dulceira for Fameshed Event!

Top Blueberry Clubber

Skirt Entice Only Exception (Shop & Hop Old Gift)


Decor Lagom Lolipop Lights Free Lucky Letter!

Fairy Grass Roawenwood Greens

(Tambien lo consegui gratis en algun antiguo, o no tanto, evento)