viernes, 26 de julio de 2019


 Hair Wasabi Rive for Uber Event!
Head Logo Willow Head v1.0 Bundle for Uber Promotional price during the event!
Eyes Logo Crystal 
Earrings and necklace Supernatural Dalia for eBento Event!
Halter Top Belzebubble Zoe for eBento Event!
Rigged Rings Elise Lisa for eBento Event!
Gemma Leather Jacket Lapointe & Bastchild for Uber Event!
Gemma Jeans Lapointe & Bastchild for Uber Event!
Booties Wicca's Karen for eBento Event!

Dog Walking Bag Rezz Room Animesh Exclusive  Gacha!
Chihuahua Animesh Rezz Room (Companion) Rare  Gacha!
Chihuahua Holdable Rezz Room Animesh (Companion) VIP  Gacha!

Maria Vanity Madras for Uber Event!
Drum corner table decor, Music Tropy decor, music marqueen sign Madras at FeverFrete Event!

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