miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2018


Wasabi // Chrissie Mesh Hair Holiday Ho Ho Hunt!

- A Cutie Collective Event - 
The Holiday Ho Ho Hunt
Dec. 17th - Dec. 31st

The Holiday Ho Ho Hunt has two separate parts. One is the main event, where all listed stores are included and the second is a small fun HUD hunt, which only features 12 of our designers.

The main event:
Each store has atleast FIVE different items hidden for you in their mainstores. These gifts are priced anywhere for 5L to 25L
For this part of the hunt, you'll be looking for a BLUE star.
You'll be able to find hunt keys and LMs are the Cutie Collective Headquarters.
(Designers may or may not include hints for their items)

The second part - the HUD hunt:

First, you'll need the hunter HUD. Which is located above the fireplace in the HQ, (just click on the board and accept.)
Next, you'll tp around to the 12 stores, looking for a YELLOW star. Once you find that star, click it and it should register on your HUD. Then move on to the next store. 
Once you have all your stars clicked and snowflakes shown on the HUD, you'll be able to tp back to the HQ for the prizes left out for you on the shelves. 
Make sure to keep your HUD on!

Good luck and please be kind to each other!

Links to follow/join
Hunter group: secondlife:///app/group/b9de0866-da44-4c0b-0397-e441162c1d9f/about