viernes, 5 de octubre de 2018

Coffee Time

Coffee Time Set Never Totally Dead at The Chapter Four Gacha!
Trick or Treat Set SEmotion Candy Pot Not Animated at The Chapter Four Event!
Harvest Cubura Set Full Set 1 (15LI) at The Chapter Four Event!
Jack Buhhh Tm Creation Halloween Decor H10 at The Chapter Four 50% Discount!
Halloween decoration with lights effects
Prim count: 6 (LI)
Approximate sizes: meters 2.2 wide x 2 deep
100% Original Mesh
(available .:Tm:..Creation store after 1th November)

Cake Disorderly Halloween Treats Group Gift!
Creme Puffs Disorderly Halloween Treats Group Gift!
Pumpkins Boutique #187# (Oct 2017) Gift!
Halloween Lamp Jinx Old OUAN Hunt!
Salem the Cat Thor licking Prize 6 Ironwood Hills 2017 Hunt!

Kid Doll Coco Gift!
1. Kid Doll Full Body (no hands)
2. Kid Doll Upper Body + Arms
3. Kid Doll Lower Body + Legs + Feet
4. Kid Doll L-Hand
5. Kid Doll R-Hand
6. Kid Doll Underwear (for Boy / for Girl)
7. Kid Doll Sample Shape (modifiable)
8. Alpha (to hide all your body)

Head Coco KidDoll Alexa Smile (Not free but Coco have version for free too!)