jueves, 5 de julio de 2018


Daybed Sets Joolee Tee Dezigns at The Chapter Four Gacha!
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - DAYBED
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - LAMP
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - RUG
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - SHELF
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - ART
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - HAPPINESS
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - PLANTS
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - RABBIT
JTD - Whimsy Daybed Room - CANDLES
JTD - Warmth Daybed Room - FOOD
JTD - Warmth Daybed Room - TABLE
JTD - Serenity Daybed Room - FRAMED ART
RARE JTD - Serenity Daybed Room - FOLK ART RABBIT

Wood Games InsurreKtion at The Chapter Four Gacha!
[IK] Wood Games - Puzzle
[IK] Wood Games - Bowling
[IK] Wood Games - Maze
[IK] Wood Games - Jenga
[IK] Wood Games - Rollercoaster
[IK] Wood Games - Basketball
[IK] Wood Games - Hanoi Tower
[IK] Wood Games - Solitaire
[IK] Wood Games - Ringo
[IK] Wood Games - Mini Bowling
[IK] Wood Games - Shoot The Moon
[IK] Wood Games - Mikado

Books and cans with brushes Hideki Paint me at The Chapter Four Gift!
Hanger with tapes wall BananaN decor Gift! (at Marketplace 1L)
Mousy pencil and notebook BananaN Gift! (at Marketplace 1L)
Old Victorian Sidetable UnKidness (Epiphany 2017) Old Gift!
Computer & cat MishMish Kitties go to market Rare Gacha!
Mouse MoOH pin cushion black (April 2018) Old Gift!
Table Atomic Heart Shaped Dreamer Bedside Gacha!
Pet Haro (Camera follower) Valentine's Gift!
Small Table & Plant Yasum Mint Old Gift!
Cat in banana Comet + banana Old Gift!
Planner Peaches Mon Desir Group Gift!
Pencils 22769 at GachaLand Free Gift
Basket Hive valentine's laundry Gift!
Mousy w/ books BananaN Gacha!
Dream catcher CMYK Gift!
Plant + Table Ionic Gacha!

Backdrop Dreamcatcher Tenderness 03 at The Chapter Four Gacha!

Hair Ayashi Nemi Notice Me, Senpai New!
Head COCO KidDoll Alexa Smile (Not smile for Free!)
Body COCO KidDoll (Unisex) Gift!
Tee COCO KidDoll Pastel Stripe Gift!
Knit Leggings COCO KidDoll Christmas Gift!
Slip-On COCO White KidDoll

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