Hair Pr!tty Avy
Plumeria flower Tableau Vivant Old Gift!
Head Genesis Marlene Bento Rare Gacha!
Choker Mudskin 3 Gacha!
Top Fawny The Mistress (Maitreya Experimental) Rare Old Gacha!
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1
Tattoo Taox only Kenza VG!
Short Zenith secret agent black Gacha!
Legwarmers A&Y Lexa Latex Red Light District New!*
Pose Ghoul Good Boy (Female) Old Gift!

Curtains Noble Crations Gift!
Table Little Fox Vintage shabby console at The Chapter Four Event!
Monkey Lamp The Green Door Rust at The Chapter Four Event!
Decorative Owl The Green Door Vintagey at The Chapter Four Gacha!
Word Art The Green Door Dream (Color change) at The Chapter Four Gacha!
Depressed duffel Cinphul at The Chapter Four Event!
Old Bench Noble Creations Single Gift!

*Exclusive item for Red Light District (June 15th 12pm SLT) https://www.redlightdistrict.sl 5 latex textures and unlimited palette of tint, materials enabled.Shine and glow options. Included linkset and objects for each leg.