Paranoia in Ironwood Hills

Hair Runaway Black n Bloody (Old Nightmare Hunt Gift)
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 03 (old gacha item)
Eyes CerberusXing Fog at Ironwood Hills event Gift!
Mask KiB Skull Bloody at Ironwood Hills event Gift!
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1
Bodysuit Cureless Black Bloody Group Gift!
Socks Ghoul (temporary LM) Ghoulgirl "Bloodthirst" Group Gift!
Bayonet Gild blood at Ironwood Hills event Gift!
Pose Poseidon Hisako 8 at Ironwood Hills event Gift!

You need to play the hunt to get all prizes (31)

"Welcome to Ironwood Hills: Paranoia 2018!

Ironwood Hills recently underwent some renovations. While clearing our the Ironwood Asylum someone discovered a dusty old journal. We couldn't make head nor tail out of it but we're hoping you can! Madame Rosy in town should have more information to help you get started. Read the journal, visit her, and follow the story to uncover people (npc's) to talk to and find the charms to solve the mystery of the journal!

Please wear the HUD that comes in the folder. Before you get started please RESET the HUD by using the circular icon on the top of the opened journal. This will hopefully ensure an issue-free experience.

Once you have completed the game you just return to the start area (via the HOME icon on the journal) and collect your prizes. And please don't forget to shop at our amazing designers' booths!

If you get stuck feel free to ask in our group chat but please no spoilers!

We hope you enjoy our little game. Our next one will be at halloween!

Ironwood Staff"

Photo taked Here (Ironwood Hills: Paranoia)