domingo, 31 de marzo de 2019

Rustic glam art

Armada and Mirall
Buck & Doe 1 and 2 Iron
Victorian Jules Decor Set (Table Decor, Kerosene Lamp and Binocular)
Aish Fireplace Decor (fire on/off)
Zoha Street Lamp Post B
Door Decor (Decor only no door script added. With texture changer and resize options)

All by Madras ♥

Love in its size and fair weight

Expression stuff by Crate at Lootbox Gacha!

Bulldog Puppy Rezz Room Gacha!

Restoration Office InsurreKtion Gacha!

Glass Frames by Madras

Bottle Wall Sconce by Madras (Black, gold, metallic blue, red, white and yellow)

Adriana Decor by Madras Red Rose Glass Pot and Cookie Jar Decor

Round cushion white Revival Free Group Gift!

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2019

Barbara by Raon Hausen

Hair D!va Diva 2 Fatpack Gift!
Head Catwa Catya Bento!
Skin Raon Hausen (Marketplace Demo) Barbara
Top Scandalize Klossy Fee Group Gift!
Short Scandalize Madison
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1 Bento!
Row Boat Pond Crate Sunlit Rare Bloom Gacha!

Ariel by Logo

♥ Head Logo Ariel ♥

Hair D!va Iris Fatpack Gift!
Baby Doll Addams Aurora N*2
Pose Insomnia Cat
Sutil decor Ionic The Workshop Gacha!

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2019

Fortune Teller

Halloween Special Decor Set by Madras ♥
01 Trick or Treat Table
02 Floral Skull Decor Red
03 Floral Skull Decor Green
04 Demon Statue Decor
05 Toad Stool Jar
06 Voodoo Face Brass
07 Voodoo Face Black
08 Glass Pumpkin Decor
09 Skull Frame Black
10 Skull Frame Brass
11 Pumpkin Jar
12 Skull Jar
13 Spooky Eyes Decor RARE
14 Pumpkin Glass with Light

Fortune Teller by InsurreKtion Gacha ♥
01. Candles Set - COMMON - 1LI each
02. Poster Set - COMMON - 1LI echa
03. Rug - COMMON - 2LI
04. Palmistry Hand - COMMON - 1LI
05. Tarot Boxes - COMMON - 1LI each
06. Incense Burner - COMMON - 1LI
07. Tea Set - COMMON - 2LI
08. Crystall Balls - COMMON - 1LI each
09. Lamp - COMMON - 2LI
10. Tarot Deck Frame - COMMON - 1LI
11. Tarot Reading - COMMON - 1LI
12. Table & Chairs - RARE - Table 4LI / Chairs 3LI each
13. Drawers - RARE - 5LI
14. Bookshelf - RARE - 4LI
15. Fortune Teller Shop - ULTRARARE - 26LI

Las velas de este set pueden encenderse o apagarse con tan solo tocarlas y tienen opcion de sonido.
Las cartas tienen diferentes texturas y motivos.
El set de te tiene vapor.
La lampara se puede encender o apagar y cambiar el color de la tela, la luz de la lampara es genial para tomar fotos con mejor luminocidad en ambientes cerrados donde la luz del sol no llega bien.
El taller tiene dos pisos con dos entradas diferentes, se sube al piso de arriba por escalera.

--------------- ♥ ---------------

The candles in this set can be turned on or off by just touching them and have a sound option.
The letters have different textures and motives.
The set of you has steam.
The lamp can be turned on or off and change the color of the fabric, the light of the lamp is great for taking pictures with better luminocity in closed environments where the sunlight does not reach well.
The workshop has two floors with two different entrances, you go upstairs by stairs.


Hair Stealthic Dawn for Kustom 9 Event!
Head Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Boheme Duckie 
Top Blueberry Jolly Gift!

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2019

Look at me... you are my virtual soul

Head and eyeliner (default hud) Genus Baby Face W001 - Mocap
Skin Vco Timo Skin Applier for Genus head 008 Gacha!
Eyes Vco Coy 005 Gacha!
Lashes Oohlala breezin (genus, lelutka, omega) by lalaureline
Lip Andore packs # 1 for Genus head
Ears Andore Melkhi

Andore - Flickr

Hair Wasabi Melon for Uber Event!
Headband Moon Amore (option with birds too ♥) Old Group Gift!
Grateful Outfit Moon Amore Mustard Old Group Gift!

Ballons Moon Amore (wearables) Old Group Gift!
Candy bar InsurreKtion Gacha!
01. Cupcakes - COMMON - 1
02. Toppings - COMMON - 1
03. Candy Apples - COMMON - 1
04. Cookie Pops - COMMON - 2
05. Choco Strawberries - COMMON - 1
06. Lollipops - COMMON - 2
07. Jelly Roses - COMMON - 2
08. Lemon Bottles - COMMON - 2
09. Orange Bottles - COMMON - 2
10. Strawberry Bottles - COMMON - 2
11. Empty Bottles - COMMON - 2
12. Straws - COMMON - 1
13. Paper Glasses - COMMON - 1
14. Pennants - COMMON - 1 L.I. each
15. Choco Popcakes - COMMON - 2
16. Chips Popcakes - COMMON - 2
17. Strawberry Dispenser - COMMON - 2
18. Lemon Dispenser - COMMON - 2
18. Lemon Dispenser - COMMON - 2
20. Kiosk - RARE - 2
21. Cart - RARE - 1
22. Hard Candy Set - ULTRARARE - 10 L.I. on linked - 2 L.I. each piece - 1 L.I. stand

martes, 26 de marzo de 2019

sábado, 23 de marzo de 2019

Music therapy ♫

Hair Moon Little's
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 11 Gacha Retired!

Outfit Noumi by Horntail ♥

Violin Decor Set by Madras ♥
Bell Brass, candle, music notes, music books, violin and violin bow.
Separated models and linked set model inside the pack. Decor only!

Familia Ranch Set by Crate ♥
Chairs, table, rug, pinto bean cactus and eclaimed milk jugs ~ familia farms.

Snake Plant Stand  Green and Brown by Crate ♥

American Bully Puppy Sit Rezz Room Gacha!

viernes, 22 de marzo de 2019

Invasion of love

Hair Amitomo Lovely, Still 2 Gacha Rare!
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 11 Gacha Retired!
Outfit BMS Japanese Office Work for The Chapter Four Event!
Pose Sintiklia in Diamond set hair Lucky Letter Free!

Sunlit Set Crate for Bloom Event! (Start tomorrow)
Bengal Cats Rezz Room for Harajuku Gacha!

Kitchen set Magnun Opus for The Chapter Four Event!
When Momma Ain't Happy
Momma's Kitchen - Leaning Sign
Old Country Cabinet & Accessories
Daisy Vase
Kitchen stuff Ionic for The Chapter Four Event!
Skybox - Apartment Nyne  # 01 for The Chapter Four Event!
Cute Wall Clutter Short Leash Fairytale for The Chapter Four Event!

jueves, 21 de marzo de 2019

I'm looking for true freedom

Hair Wasabi Lefty (Style options) for Rewind Event!
Hairbase Andore/Le Gene # 1 Genus & Catwa
Head Genus Baby Face W001 Mocap Bento
Lolita Song Dark Brown Gacha!
Skin Boheme Mia 
Body Applier Bohème Merl Dark Tones
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara V4.1 Bento
Indian bura Piero 3 black Gacha!

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2019

Game Addict

Hair Sintiklia Ira Cocktail Pack Lucky Letter Free!
Head Logo Rose w/ Animation hud v3.0 and Maitreya skin applier
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1 Bento
Dress Justice Faith Slf&O Group Gift!
Pose Stun Poses Alice Gift!

Pocket Table by Madras
Whiskey and Tatoo Remover Madras Decor for Man Cave Event!
Plant Crate Salvador Set

martes, 19 de marzo de 2019

Start night

The A Line Sofa Pink Crate New!
Boots eBody Liz for Curves Event!
Legs/Body eBody Abar Classic

Happy Birthday!

Bike Parking Box Ver 1.0 for The Chapter Four Event!
Birthday Headband & Finger Balloon Affiche Boutique # 187 for The Chapter Four Event!
(Bento Animation on Balloon)

Outfit Horntail Rika Maitreya for Harajuku Event!

Hair Sintiklia Sun Lucky Letters Free!
Head Somemore SaeBom Mesh 03 Gacha Retired!
Mesh Body Maitreya Lara V4.1 Bento!
Witch parking Larnia Old Hunt!
RE Princess Parking Only Sign by Rod Eun's Gift! (Closed)
Pose The pose shop bitchcycle Old WOHunt!

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2019

The Adriana Bakery

Adriana Decor Set by Madras
Adriana Coffee Bean Cup Decor
Adriana Coffee Frame Decor
Adriana Cookie Jar Decor
Adriana Empty Cup & Spoon Decor
Adriana Red Rose Glass Pot Decor

The Bakery set by InsurreKtion Gacha!

01. Capet - COMMON - 1 L.I.
02. Frames - COMMON - 1 L.I. each one
03. Table - COMMON - 1 L.I.
04. Cauldron - COMMON - 1 L.I.
05. Toad - COMMON - 1 L.I.
06. Cat A - COMMON - 1 L.I.
07. Cat B - COMMON - 1 L.I.
08. Incensory - COMMON - 2 L.I.
09. Books - COMMON - 1 L.I.
10. Crystals - COMMON - 1 L.I. each one
11. Mortar - COMMON - 1 L.I.
12. Jars - COMMON - 1 L.I. each one
13. Love Craft - COMMON - 1 L.I.
14. Money Craft - COMMON - 1 L.I.
15. 7 Powers Candle - COMMON - 1 L.I.
16. 7 Candles - COMMON - 1 L.I.
17. Candlestick - COMMON - 1 L.I.
18. Color Candles - COMMON - 1 L.I.
19. Stone Collection - RARE - 3 L.I.
20. Scale & Weight - RARE - 1 L.I. each one
21. Herbarium - RARE - 2 L.I.
22. Showcase - ULTRARARE - 2 L.I.

Wooden Dummy by InsurreKtion Gacha!
(edited size)
On Arm, By Hand and On Shoulder.

Desert Plants by InsurreKtion Gacha!
06. Small Succulent - COMMON - 1 L.I.
07. Big Succulent - COMMON - 1 L.I.
08. Table - COMMON - 1 L.I.

Yogurt con frambuesas Ionic Gacha!
Chair Stun Poses Free! (no pose)
Hug a bear Blah Olive (wearable) Free Group Gift!

domingo, 17 de marzo de 2019

No more sun for me...

Hair Sintiklia Angela (Cocktail Pack) Lucky Letter Free!
Mesh hair base Sintiklia baby hair 7 Free Gift!
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 11 Gacha Retired!
Body Maitreya Mesh Lara V4.1 Bento!
Sweet Tattoo Love Lace (Omega) for CandyLand Gift!
 Outfit Horntail Vivi Maitreya Kinky Prisoner
Pose Stun Majestic Gift! (2L)

sábado, 16 de marzo de 2019


Hair BonBon Asa Fabfree Group Gift!
Head Somemore SaeBom Mesh 10 Gacha Retired!
Kawaii Swimsuit Horntail Leika (Maitreya) for Belle Event!
Pose X.T.C. Sweet Like Candy 2 (I use Maitreya pose hand) for The Chapter Four Event!

The magic of the universe in you

Hair Analog Dog Gabby Free Ball!
Head Logo Jolie v1.0.1 for The Skin Fair Event!
Mesh Ears Jariss (for Access Event) and Pellada Nacklace Andore for Vanity Event!

viernes, 15 de marzo de 2019

The love is green, or not is...

Hair Wasabi Aubrey w/ Glasses Mesh Rare for The Arcade Gacha Event!

Tillie Head Logo v1.1 Bundle
(This update include a fix for the eyelashes so that they no longer have alpha issues with themselves.)

Body eBody Abar Curvy v8.6
Top eBody Julia
Short eBody Julia

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2019

Cyber Doll

Jolie Head Logo v1.0.1 Bento for The Skin Fair Event!
Expressive Elf Ears Logo Bento Edition v1.0

Medusa Cyber hair A&Y 
Siren Cyber Jacket A&Y for Access Exclusive!

(12th March - 8th April). Available 7 color packs (2 base texture in each), 5 group of parts for customizing, tint palette, shine and glow options.Fit for Maitreya. 

Siren Cyber Panties A&Y for Fetish Fair Exclusive!

Exclusive for Fetish Fair 2019 Available 7 color packs (2 base texture in each), 5 group of parts for customizing, tint palette, shine and glow options. Panties comes with version without fishnet, fit maitreya only.

Siren Cyber Legwarmers A&Y for Fetish Fair Exclusive!

 Available 7 color packs (2 base texture in each), 6 group of parts for customizing, tint palette, shine and glow options. Legwarmers comes with version without fishnet, fit maitreya only.

Body Maitreya Lara V4.1 Bento
Pasties Moon Elixir Courtesan - 6 - Maitreya Gacha!
Clockwork Doll Brassiere Sweet Thing Wine Gacha!
Clockwork Doll Corset Sweet Thing (Maitreya) Gacha!

sábado, 9 de marzo de 2019

Nordic Life

Decor Ionic Nordic Life for The chapter Four Gacha!
Sewing machine Ionic Gacha!
Sewing Machine By Toan Table B and books for The chapter Four Event!

Hair Analog Dog Annoh for The Imaginarium Gift!
Head Somemore SaeBom Mesh11 Gacha Retired!
Sweater Sallie Knitting Addicts Rare Gacha!
Knit Leggings Coco Gift!
Slouchy Socks Coco Gift!

jueves, 7 de marzo de 2019

(it started with a) Hello!

Hair Wasabi Talia for Collabor88 Event!
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 10 Gacha Retired!
Pazy Top B Bos Gray Hello for The Chapter Four Monthly Event!
Pazy Panty B Bos Black Feel for The Chapter Four Monthly Event!
Bracelets Oops Bamshyl for The Chapter Four Monthly Event!
Tattoo Awear Have Faith for The Chapter Four Monthly Event!
Platform Flip Flops Reign (Maitreya-Mid) Plain # 17 Gacha!
Skybox Nyne Apartment # 01 for The Chapter Four Monthly Event!
Vassar Vanity Crate for The Liaison Collaborative Event!
(Pose 4)

Flowers Shower Clavv Ground Old Gift!
Harvest season Cherry House a Two color purple flower Old Gift!
{CE} Single Red Rose in Vase Old Gift!
Rainbow Tulips in Pitcher Prime by also Known as Old Gift!
Phipsalis Boribianam Plaaka Old Gift!
Flower in clock Granola LOR Easter Egg Hunt Prize 2018!
Cacti Imeka Group Gift!

martes, 5 de marzo de 2019


Hair Wasabi Junko for Uber Event!
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 10 Gacha Retired!
Eyes theSkinnery Old Gift!
Ears Andore Uthark
Glasses Wasabi Aubrey The Arcade Gacha!
Cardi & Dress Sallie Bookworm Girl black 9 The Arcade Gacha!
Pose Hazy Yukine 1 Old Gift!

Vassar Vanity Crate for The Liaison Collaborative Event!
The Craft set InsurreKtion Gacha!

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2019

Circus love

Hair Mello Dreaming Enchantment and The Secret Affair Event!
Outfit and Food Cart InsurreKtion Mabel Circus Gacha!
Love Craft, Cat A and cat B InsurreKtion The Craft Gacha!
Pillow Talk Sofa Crate for Sultry Event!
Necklace Eve Tears for The Chapter Four Event! (open at noon slt)
Alle bridge lagoon M. Law for The Chapter Four Event! (open at noon slt)
Head Somemore SaeBom mesh 10 Gacha Retired!