domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Castellian - DRD - Sas mesh - Cosmopolitan Sale Room.

Horns Marketplace Fantasy Box 10L!
Hair Castellian Jasmine Ajado New!
Eyes Pulse VF #3 published previously!
Skin Al vulo! 8 Sally Natural Olive published previously!
Wings Marketplace 1L!
Gloves & nails DRD (Avatar wicked wbrooms) Lucky chair!
Outfit Sas mesh V bottom tube Bat & jeans in Cosmopolitan Sale Room Sale!

Lourdes of London Sale - HollyHood Sale - Cosmopolitan Sale Room.


Dress Louredes of London Loktak Red/Olive 1 in Cosmopolitan Sale Room Sale!
Boots HollyHood mesh bronze Samantha in Cosmopolitan Sale Room Sale!
Everything else has already been published!
Hair D!va
Eyes Pulse
Skin Al Vulo!
Piercings *P*
Pose Saal

D!va Free - Pulse - Al vulo! - Kaithleen's Sale - Cosmopolitan Sale Room.

Hair D!va Kalli (Ruby) Lucky letter published previously!
Eyes Pulse VF #3 published previously!
Skin Al vulo! 8 Sally Natural Olive published previously!
Top Kaithleen's Harem Pink in Cosmopolitan Sale Room Sale!
Trousers Kaithleen's Harem Pink in Cosmopolitan Sale Room Sale!