viernes, 22 de octubre de 2021


Hair Amitomo Be the light

Head Lelutka Avalon

Skin More More Lana

Outfit Hime Dream Leila for Kustom9 Event!

Breathing Stand Set Lyrium Jade


Hair Doe Crinkle

Head Lelutka Avalon

Skin Leronso Kamaria for Inithium Event!

Mesh Body Inithium Kupra

Outfit Faded Little Devil for Inithium Event!


Haunted Hill Candy Giver Table Circa for Shop & Hop Free!

Franken Tea Bad Unicorn for Kustom9 Free!

Spider Jar Deco Nomad for FLF-o-Ween '21 Free!

Skulls Madras Ground Decor White

Chair Bear Half Deer Halloween for Shop & Hop Free!

Ghost Balloon Atelier Burgundy for Shop & Hop Free!

Skele Bun Foxwood Decor White

Candy Family Friendly Chair Baby Sunshine 6 for Shop & Hop Free!

Silver Skull Pillow Broken Arrows for FLF-o-Ween '21 Free!

miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2021

Hermia ♥

Hair Wings TO1012 for The Epiphany Event!

Jackets & Top Blueberry Candy LT. Denim Floral Pack (TSS Limited Offer)

Pants Zenith Hermia for Kustom9 Event!

Spooky Notebook Lyrium Blair Hold 1 (+ Breathing Stand Set) for Equal10 Event!

martes, 19 de octubre de 2021

Elder Hag

Hair Kuni Tone

Head and skin BeSpoke Elder Hag for Necrosis Event!

Hat, dress and broom Fanshii Sultry Witch for The Halloween SPOOKtacular Event!

Horror pet animal bone and pet flower Tentacio for Salem Event!

Breathing Stand Lyrium Tabby

Soulsong Bonsai Willows 3rd Eye Perceptions for The Halloween SPOOKtacular Event!

 Stormlights 22769 for The Halloween SPOOKtacular Event!

Decor Vulnus Voodoo Inside Bayou for The Halloween SPOOKtacular Event!

viernes, 15 de octubre de 2021

Dark Side ♥

Halo and face sign Since1975 Herescope Signs for The Halloween SPOOKtacular Event!

Headpiece Tentacio Dark Side for Kinky Event!

Hair Faga Alice Gift!

Head Lelutka Avalon

Skin Ds'Elles Celia for eBento Event!

Mesh body eBody Reborn for eBento Event!

w/Lingerie Glitzz Coral (Collab.)

Tattoo Corazon Baby for eBento Event!

Body Light (2) BBK for eBento Event!

 Pendulum Witch Pacagaia Bento Holding for eBento Event!

Decor Evhah BDSM for eBento Event!

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2021

Amina ♥

Hair Sintiklia Valencia

Head Genus Baby

Skin The Skinnery Amina for Kustom9 Event!

Earring Torment Boo for Shop & Hop Free!

Flores eyeliner Keikumu Rainbow

Bracelets Kunglers Avery for Fameshed Event!

Top Snowpaws Nisha for Shop & Hop Gift!

Nails Stunner Originals Three for eBento Event!

Ghosty Boo Tattoo Achromance Halloween for Shop & Hop Gift!

Static & Breathing + Fingers pose Lyrium Lacey for Equal10 Event!

Pumpkin Air Balloons Noveny for eBento Event!

Ghost Light Garland ERG for Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa Free Hunt!

Pumpkin Pendant Light Kwaii for Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa Free Hunt!

miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2021

Brita ♥

Hair Lamb Penny Lane

Head Genus Baby

Skin More More Dana

Mesh body Legacy

Top (for Collabor88), pant (for Kustom9) and boots Zenith for Anthem Event!

Bag Off-Line Webbed for eBento Event!

Cyber aura Amazing for eBento Event!

Bucket Fashiowl Trick or Treaters Box 6 Wearable With Ao for Shop & Hop Free!

Pendants Mokomoko, ghost and pumpkins for Aso! Free Gift! 

Ghost Dog TLC for Shop & Hop Free!

Decor Set Torika Papi Halloween for eBento Event!

Darma ♥

Fairy Halo Tentacio for Kustom9 Event!

Eden Wings Tentacio (I reversed it for this photo)

Hair Lamb Olivia

Head Lelutka Avalon

Skin The Skinnery Darma w/Waterline Eyeliner and red lipstick (tintable) for Collabor88 Event!

Eyes Tville Glittering brown

Lash Appliers Shiny Stuffs Willow for eBento Event!

Earrings and necklace Slavia Belinda foreBento  Event!

Crop Laced Top Bumblebee Sussie