miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2021

Maiyumi ♥

Headpiece, magazine & bottle Tentacio Casandra for Anthem Event!

Hair Dalgona Rollin for Equal10 Gacha!

Head Genus Baby

Skin More More Dana Gacha!

Outfit Hime Dream Valentina

Loafers Hime Dream Maiyumi for Access Event!

Natsumi ♥

Hair Exile Hattie

Head Catwa Catya

Skin Pink Fuel Minji

Kimono Demicorn Natsumi 2 for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Static Pose Lyrium Talija (Static & Breathing + Fingers Series) for Equal10 Event!


Cosy Cabin InkMe for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

 Figures Bang! Under the Sea for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

MiyagiDo Baby Bonsai So Silly for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Peach tin with flowers Shifuku for Cosmopolitan Gift!

martes, 11 de mayo de 2021

Just one more chapter...

Headband Opale Leo for Fameshed Anniversary Gift!

Hair VCO Milly 002 Gacha!

Head Genus Baby

Skin 7 Deadly sKins Rainbow for eBento Event!

Earrings Rise Design Vortex for Fameshed Anniversary Gift!

Blouse zOOm Eva for eBento Event!

French fries SpotCat Yummy 08for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Pastel Gypsy SomeOne Stole My Sign for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Living set Chez Moi Yucca for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Window Frame Decor Lemon Chilliz


lunes, 10 de mayo de 2021

Rosie ♥

 Hair Wings TO0418 for Anthem Event!

Head Catwa Pro MajerEdged

Skin The Skinnery Rosie for Collabor88 Event!

Face and Body Moles Blurr for eBento Event!

Tee Vinyl Hustle for Uber Event!

Reef Ballerina Tulssy for eBento Event!

Lipstick and Mirror Lyrium Get Glam Pose 7 for Equal10 Event!

Balcony Planter Square Marble for eBento Event!

The Crossing ♥


Hair Wasabi Teagan for Anthem Event!

Head Genus Baby

Skin Pink Fuel Delina

Outfit Hime Dream Juliette

Pose Lyrium The Crossing Series II

Backdrop Scene w/leaves Lyrium The Crossing

martes, 4 de mayo de 2021

Luna ♥

Hair Wasabi Shana for Uber Event!

Head Genus Baby

Skin More More Dana Gacha!

 Heart glasses RKN Gift!

Pat Heart Hanzel Gift!

Dress Hime Dream Luna for Anthem Event!

 Foxy Hot Lyrium Chocolate Mug

Sweet Corgi Foxwood for Anthem (50L ) Gift!

Lochrin Livingroom Set Why Not for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2021

Delina ♥

Hair Wings TO0410 for Anthem Event!

Head Genus Baby

Skin Pink Fuel Delina

Glasses Bondi PM N1 for FaMESHed Free Gift!

Dress Hime Dream Victoria

Pose Lyrium Lillian for Posevent

Keys, Candles & Vine 3rd Eye Arcane Hymn for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Quadruple Hummingbird Feeder 1 HEXtraordinary for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Closets Since 1975 for The Gacha Garden Gacha!

Pudgy Persian Jian Adult Wanderer Rare Gacha!

viernes, 30 de abril de 2021

Kyo ♥

Hair Wasabi Kyo for The Fantasy Faire Event!

Every creator will put out at least 2 special item/colors that will donate to charity (Relay For Life)

Head Lelutka Avalon

Skin VCO Mella Rare Gacha!

Outfit Hime Dream Amelia for Access Event!

Cute Jar Tentacio Tulipe for Access Event!

Chocolate Bar Lyrium Chocolatoo for Equal10 Event!

Chair Astralia PawPaw Vip Gift!

Sunflower Planter MishMish Gift!

Magic gamer & magic creativity Tentacio

Study room & pink organizator Tentacio

Food vending pink Tentacio

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2021

Mersia ♥

Hair Wasabi Mersia for The Fantasy Faire* Event!

*Every creator will put out at least 2 special item/colors that will donate to charity (Relay For Life)

Head LeLutka Avalon

Skin Heaux Sora (Limited Edition)

Outfit Hime Dream Serenity for Collabor88 Event!

Pose Lyrium Autumn Walk Scene

Grass Kazza Path Pack

Orange Blossom Little branch

Dwarf Forest Alirium