miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

.:SB:. Free - Aeva // Heartsick Gift - ( M )/Gol Gift - J. Allen New - Pure perfection/Designer Circle - Shine Hunt - Loordes of London Free.

Eyes Marketplace .:SB:. Stephanie's Eyes [Natural Green] Free!
Skin Aeva // Heartsick Paris Lacrimosa GG (wear to open) Group gift!
Tattoo ( M ) Music Unisex Tattoo in Gol gift!
Top J. Allen and Shrug Military New!
Beach Bag Pure perfection Resizar Shoulder Colors & Mocha in Designer Circle New!
Watch Shine Butterfly (Item #3) Hunt!
Ladies Knuckle Purse Pure perfection {Mesh} Black Blue & Black Red in Stuff in Stock Discount Event!
Black brushed Steel,
Belt Black,
Black cassette tape,
Black Letters skull,
Black silver buckle,
Brown &
Black skull J. Allen New!
Pants J. Allen Spiked Aqua New!
Boots Loordes of London Flagship Store Pure Contagion II-Stone 1 Free!
Note: Hair Truth Qopi published previously.

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